Working titles


Let’s play a game where we take a beloved film and change up something about the characters, setting, premise or outcome and then retitle it to better reflect what happens in the new and improved version of a Hollywood blockbuster. Since you can’t really do this without stepping in front of my laptop, I’ll go first.

  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a family named the Kardashians tried to take over a planet of otherwise normal people, actors and actresses and destroy the concept of reality, entertainment and art. An epic shift in the world of film is about to take place as “real” actors battle with the clan that has tried to take over the entire world. Working title: Movie Star Wars.
  • All around fascinating and suave British operative who can rappel the Swiss Alps with a martini in one hand and a Dunhill cigarette in the other. While wearing a tuxedo he can fight off Samurai warriors and terrorists and still manage to arrive at a party in his Aston Martin looking more than ready for a little fun with the woman who turned down his invitation to the party claiming she was already tied up. Imagine her surprise when she sees him and he proves her right. Working title: James Bondage.
  • An internal investigation into the military turns ugly as it bleeds into the presidential election cycle and the overstuffed clown car that comprised potential candidates. “You want the truth?” screams Bernie Sanders. “You can’t handle the truth!” All hell breaks loose and all bets are off when history rewrites itself leading into November. Working title: One Woman and Few Good and Bad Men.
  • Single guy and single woman get set up by mutual friends and become really good friends without becoming romantically involved for a very long time. A famous scene takes place in a deli where the woman brings along her BFF and they both fake orgasms in the middle of the restaurant to show the guy he knows nothing about the feminine mystique. Working title: When Harry met Sally’s Girlfriend and they All had a Threesome.
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