Whooz charger is it anyway?


Halloween is just over a month away, and yet stores are already being stocked with spooky decorations and costumes. Shelves are overflowing with bags of candy, and kids’ eyes are getting bigger and bigger each time they walk into the store.

But if you’re skipping the trick-or-treating this year and opting for a Halloween party, add more to your decorations with Whooz’s Freaks iPhone Set, which are Halloween-themed phone-charger covers and cords designed to give your phone and party a ghoulishly festive look. Besides adding another touch of Halloween décor to your party, Whooz will also let your guests know which charger belongs to their phone.

The Freaks Set includes four vinyl designs — Skully, Mongo, Gil and Sheila — that fit iPhones, iPods and iPad mini chargers. The set is available online for $12.95.


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