Walking in a Winter Wonderland


If reindeer really do know how to fly, they would have been perfect accompaniment to the soaring spirits at the grand opening of Tinsel at Downtown at the Gardens.

The staff of Tinsel – an upscale, popup purveyor of Christmas trees and holiday decorations – greeted the evening’s visitors with warm cider, miniature cupcakes and assorted cookies. Browsers and buyers walked the 6,000-square-foot showroom at a museum-like pace, savoring each ornament, tree and decoration as they would a Cezanne or Matisse. Children and adults exchanged quizzical glances while assessing the relative merits of an “upside-down” Christmas tree.

The showroom is the creation of Wendy Otowchits, Tinsel’s designer and manager, and is divided and decorated by theme. Visitors may stroll through the Winter Garden to the Woodlands and continue to the Forest to select a Christmas tree.

Otowchits has produced 11 themes for this holiday season and will whimsically tell you that she is fully prepared to take up residence in one of her winter wonderlands. She is equally exuberant when deftly presenting a Christmas ornament fashioned as a pink ice cream cone as she is when weighing the pros and cons of LED lights vs. incandescent lights. According to Otowchits, women prefer LED.

As we push off the top of the mountain each year for our frenetic, holiday bobsled run – hurtling past Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and into the New Year – please take a moment and permit yourself a leisurely walk through Tinsel. In addition to their unique offerings, you will still find Santas and snowmen. You will still find silver and gold. And you will find a Christmas tree decorated like a peacock, or maybe it’s a peacock decorated like a tree; you decide. Happy Holidays!

For more information visit www.TinselChristmas.com.

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