TuneLink Home Bluetooth Music Receiver

TuneLink Bluetooth Music Receiver for the homeThe TuneLink Home Bluetooth Music Receiver ($61 at Amazon.com) is a small device that attaches to any home stereo and turns it into a wireless receiver for your smartphone’s music library! Not only can it stream music to the stereo, but it also includes an app for Android or iOS devices to act as a wireless remote control unimpeded by line-of-sight issues, thanks to an external IR emitter port. That means you can turn the volume up and down on the stereo without being in the same room! The app also includes a universal remote control that works with all your existing devices thereby relegating your other remotes to the dustbin!

The TuneLink Home Bluetooth Music Receiver also makes for a great DJ at your party! Guests can link to the Bluetooth receiver using no pass codes and they will be prompted to download the app automatically. If multiple people download the app then they can take turns being the DJ by adding songs to their queue. The app will play one persons song, then switch automatically to another persons song, and so on and so on until it goes back to the first person and plays their second song. This round-robin DJ app makes for an egalitarian music experience for all!

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