Travel Back in Time at Camelot Days

Do you love knights in shining armor, jesters or bigger-than-your-face turkey legs? This November, spend the weekend in Hollywood, Fla., reliving medieval times and experience life during the Renaissance.

Camelot Days, Hollywood’s own renaissance fair, is held two weekends: Nov. 15-16 and Nov. 22-23. The annual event will be at TY Park on Sheridan Street, Brad Hanafourde, CEO of Camelot Days, said in an email. Hanafourde will also portray King Henry VII at the festival.

The kingdom will be full of artisans, musicians, a live chess game, jousting and many other Camelot-inspired vendors. Attendees can visit the Artists’ Market to purchase handcrafted medieval riches that you can’t find unless you go back in time to the 15th century.

Hanafourde said Camelot Days is very interactive for both kids and adults. Help your little prince or princess solve the Mystery Quest to win a piece of King Arthur’s coveted treasure, be knighted by the king, or go from the audience to the stage. There are many kid-friendly and adult-friendly activities, making Camelot Days a festival for every age.

Tickets are available online right now at a discounted price: $12 for adults and $3 for children. If you have two or more children, buying your tickets online lets you take advantage of a buy-one-get-one-free offer. Adult tickets bought the day of onsite are $15.

Feast your eyes and your stomach this month at Camelot Days. The locally owned festival is held in November to get families outside to a public park in South Florida, and you may even get your holiday shopping done a month in advance!

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