Traffic jams just became fun


Dave Mason, the co-founder of the English rock band Traffic, is probably best known for the hit song “Feelin’ Alright,” which he recorded as part of his band in 1968. When Mason left Traffic for a solo career, he had a US hit with “We Just Disagree” (written by Jim Krueger) and, in 2004, Mason was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a founding member of Traffic.

The Worcester-born singer-songwriter has been touring the country since January 3 in support of his most recent album, “Future’s Past.”

“I’m a songwriter and things get very personal when I write,” he says. “It’s always the way I’ve written my material. It is a little daunting to open yourself up to strangers through music, but I think that’s what the art form is for.”

The first track of Dave’s new album, “Dear Mr. Fantasy,”premiered on USA Today in April of 2014.

“There is a great version of ‘Dear Mr. Fantasy’ that is kind of a re-write. There is a version of ‘World in Changes’ that is absolutely nothing like the original and there is a great live version that is absolutely beautiful of ‘Sad and Deep as You.’ There are two or three songs that were on a CD called ‘26 Letters 12 Notes’ that I did seven years ago, a Robert Johnson song, ‘Come On in My Kitchen’ and a brand new song called ‘That’s Freedom.’”

However, since the tour is called Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam, Dave incorporates many of Traffic’s songs into his set list.

“These songs have a place in people’s memories,” he says. “We never thought it would happen when we were writing them. But it’s very special to be part of those memories for people.”

In addition to performing with Traffic and as a solo artist, Mason’s guitar playing can be heard on pivotal rock albums and songs such as “All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison, “Electric Ladyland” by Jimi Hendrix, and Hendrix’s standard “All Along the Watchtower” features Mason playing the acoustic guitar before Hendrix’s entrance on the track.

Joining Mason on stage is Alvino Bennett on drums, Tony Patler on keyboards and vocals, and Johnne Sambataro on guitar and vocals.

Palm Beach area residents will have two chances to see Dave on stage in November. Dave will perform on Nov. 19 at the Kravis Center and at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on Nov. 21. For more information on purchasing tickets, simply visit

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