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Tomy Rivero, a celebrity makeup artist based in New York and Los Angeles, has recently been popping up in news articles through social media. It’s all thanks to his tips on how to pamper your skin the day after you sleep in your makeup (‘fess up – we’ve all done it) and a few beauty hacks for the gym.

“It’s extremely common for women to sleep with their makeup on. It may not be ideal for the health of your skin, but it happens,” Tomy told “If you do sleep in your makeup though, it’s all about pampering your skin the next day.”

  • Pamper your skin the next day. Completely remove all the makeup on your skin – use makeup remover or, if you don’t have any on hand, head into your kitchen and grab some coconut or olive oil! After you’ve removed all the makeup, hop into a steamy shower to really encourage a deep cleanse. “Taking a warm shower softens the skin while melting the product on the surface and deep cleaning your pores,” Rivero said. “Make sure you have a good cleanser to really get in there and wash away all of the product.”
  • Don’t use makeup wipes. “Makeup wipes may be a quick fix but they won’t deep cleanse your skin,” explained Rivero. “Furthermore, using these wipes will not prevent breakouts or keep your skin looking youthful and supple.”
  • Zap away redness. Liner and shadows left overnight may cause some discomfort – keep Visine on hand on hand to quickly get rid of redness from irritation.
  • Don’t overdo it. Try not to use heavy moisturizers and layers of makeup the next day – keep it light!
  • Don’t panic! If you sleep in your makeup now and then, don’t panic – your skin will bounce back. However, do not make this a regular habit, as regularly sleeping in your makeup can lead to serious skin conditions.

Rivero can surely be trusted to dole out these words of wisdom – with over a decade of experience in the industry, his career as a makeup artist continues to grow. He is highly skilled in all areas of makeup, including hi-def, runway, print, red carpet and body makeup. Rivero works on the sets of fashion and beauty campaigns alongside influential designers, photographers and models. He is known for enhancing the natural beauty of his clients and has been credited on the pages of magazines, in feature films, and in collars during New York Fashion Week. Alongside his gig as a celebrity makeup artist, Rivero also provides several makeup and skin services, such as: application, lessons, bridal party makeup, eyebrow shaping, lash application and post-operative makeup.

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