The trip of a lifetime


There is no denying that we humans love to travel. From the time we are born we are told about magical places found across the world that our parents and friends have had the pleasure of visiting, inspiring us to find our own.

Well, if you’ve been steadily checking off all the places you’ve always wanted to visit and Mother Earth just doesn’t hold any more excitement for you, then Virgin Galactic may hold the solution.

If like most children, you dreamed of being an astronaut one day but didn’t have the years of dedication required to become one, there are several companies that can make that dream come true (for a small fee, of course).

Companies working to make suborbital passenger spaceships include Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace and Blue Origin. For around $200,000, Virgin Galactic will make your dream a reality for about 3½ hours, with a fun-filled six minutes of weightlessness.

With powered test flights of its rocket ships scheduled for this year, it seems the final frontier may be closer than we once thought. If all goes well and it seems it will, regular flights will take place in 2012. Virgin Group, the parent company to Virgin Galactic, has invested more than $100 million into space flight since its birth in 2004. They’re partnering with Scaled Composites, the company that won the X Prize, which includes the funding to build the first privately funded manned spaceship.

$45 million in deposits has already been made to Virgin Atlantic, meaning there are 330 people that have put space travel on their calendar. Now you can truly experience the trip of a lifetime, raising the vacation wars substantially. Get ready for all the space albums on Facebook!

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