The gift shopper’s specialty


I’ve made my list this season and checked it twice. Or three times. In fact, I believe it is more appropriate to state that with any spare time I have, I’m checking and re-checking the list of presents I intend to get everyone for this upcoming holiday. Between the auction apps, online department stores and Saturday morning shopping, I am on the verge of exhausting my resources.

Every time I try to get a jump on my holiday shopping, I end up piling on gifts, spending more money and researching ideas when I have any moment of down time. It’s endless, I tell you! But, as you may have gathered by now, I go big or go home on gifts and ‘tis the season.

As of right now, I am putting the final touches on list version five, confirming dates for shipments going out of state and planning the final shopping routes this weekend. I have also bookmarked and wish-listed the online items that weren’t on sale last week, but are this week, and bonus: I have a coupon.

As my shopping season is coming to a close, I’m checking family members off my list and tracking my purchases in my seasonal spreadsheet budget. (Yes, I have a spreadsheet for pretty much everything.)

Since my holiday practices are habitual, I naturally stray away from anything out of my normal routine. However, my excitement for new technology overrides old habits and instead of replacing them, happily melds the two together. I encountered this exact fusion with a new app that allows me to archive my spreadsheet and track both my spending and gift list in the palm of my hand.

The Christmas List by allows you to add those your shopping list, group them by similar categories (i.e. family, coworkers, etc.) and specify what presents you intend to buy. Features like price ranges, gift priority and photo upload capability allow you to buy the correct gift and track your price. The summary feature can quickly show you your purchases and list to-date. For more information, visit or download it from the iTunes app store. Happy shopping!

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