Swag for any bag


Here’s the scenario:

You spend a horrific amount of money on the backpack at the mall that your lovely child just “had” to have this upcoming school season. As they get into their homeroom class, they see three other students with the same exact bag, overtaking the spotlight that your child was supposed to have. The room, now overpopulated with identical book bags, becomes a worry for you, and a nuisance to your youngster.

Here’s the answer:


This identification tag is a multi-purpose device that helps distinguish your property, and customizable in a way that makes it fun and personable. Available in six different colors – such as Dolphin Blue, Hot Pink and Spider Grey – it’s perfect for any preference. Once you have your tag, let the creative juices flow as you customize and personalize your tag any way you want. Cut out a picture of your dog, best friend or favorite getaway spot to use on the front of your tag. This locket-style product lets you keep personal information on the inside, so it stays private unless it’s opened.

This way, your little scholar may have the same kind of bag, but the only one with their personalized SwaggerTag. This makes them feel better, and you as a parent feel reassured that their backpack will go back to its rightful owner if it was ever lost or got mixed up. They are built to last as well. Each unit is water-, weather- and impact-resistant. The ties are strong enough to endure any extracurricular-active lifestyle.

Not only are they useful at school, but SwaggerTags are perfect for anyone! Have a pet? Are you an athlete? Do you have the travel bug? If you answered yes to any of those questions, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one either!

Each package includes: one SwaggerTag unit, two image protectors, one ID circle, one circle template, three black cable ties and assembly instructions. They even have a refurbish kit, so you can keep changing the SwaggerTag as much as students change their mind. They can be purchased for $3.99.

For more information on this product, visit www.swaggertag.com.

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