Shame on you


The stakes for flying the friendly skies have just gotten higher. In recent months we’ve started to hear more horror stories about passengers behaving badly and cracking under the pressure of less legroom, among other things. From angry types for whom unruly behavior comes naturally to entitled children dressed in adult bodies leaning back into the scrunched-up face of the poor guy stuck behind him/her, it’s enough to make people (like me) sit up straight, ram my tray table into the upright and locked position, and rethink my position of getting on a plane at all.

These are not the worst examples of what we encounter in the pressurized cabins with air that’s been recycled more times than Wolf Blitzer has found himself in the situation room. The crazy bus now climbs to 33,000 feet and the people aboard are acting crazier than ever. For every uneventful flight, there are plenty more where people do things that range from the rude to the downright bizarre.

And just in time for the holidays, there’s a place where normal people like you and I can come to vent our frustrations or show off the gruesome evidence and share with other normal people what we had to endure just to get to the Thanksgiving table. Look it up and laugh or cry. It’s known as passenger shaming and you can find it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It’s the train-wreck gift that keeps on giving whether you like it or not.

I’ve witnessed drunken groping and unflushed toilets. I’ve had to make my way back several aisles to politely inform the woman who spoke really loudly to dial down the volume so the rest of us could hear. I’ve been subjected to bad breath and offensive body odor. Those acts are mild by comparison to what people do now. I don’t want to spoil your horror or fun but trust me; it’s heathen behavior at its worst.

What made me go take a look? Yesterday I was seated next to a gremlin of a man who thought nothing of clipping his fingernails. I snapped him in action as I fended off flying debris using the safety instructions nobody ever bothers to read.

Now we know why, sir. Shame on you.

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