Set sail with Oceans of Hope


Over 200 seats were filled at the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation’s annual gala on Dec. 6. Requiring countless man hours and unbelievable preparation, the evening turned out wonderfully successful. Stories were shared, laughs were heard and emotions were felt. All came to support those who have been affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

This unpredictable disease disrupts the central nervous system in the brain and can cause a multitude of problems including numbness in limbs, vision problems, slurred speech and an unsteady gait. Patients and loved ones dealing with MS are faced with challenges every day. This is why the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation dedicates their efforts in “provid[ing] a comprehensive approach to helping people with MS maintain their health and well-being.”( From resources like free literature to help finding healthcare professionals, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation delivers for those in need.

Each year, the foundation holds a gala to recognize those who have dedicated their time to help promote MS awareness in the community. The evening was complete with a cocktail hour, music from Emcee Chanel from Mega 94.9 and 93.9, and an auction of luxurious gifts.

As the award ceremony commenced, many were honored for their. One notable award called the Beacon of Light was given to acknowledge achievements in generating broad awareness of MS and the challenges faced by all who are affected.

This year, Oceans of Hope deservedly received this prestigious honor. This initiative, comprised of nine international crew members primarily with MS, made it their mission to circumnavigate the globe on a 67-foot sailboat. When reaching a destination between the long legs of the journey, local MS patients can go meet the crew and hop aboard the sailboat. Coincidentally, Oceans of Hope was reaching another leg of the journey in Fort Lauderdale just in time for the Gala.

Other award recipients included Dr. Daniel Kantor, honored for Leadership of Care, and Drs. Marietta and Ira Glazer for being the Fearless Volunteers of the Year.

For more information about the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, visit Visit to learn more about Oceans of Hope.

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