Resting in peace


So, where were we? Ah, yes. There. Not there. I’m not touching that or going anywhere near it; not even for all the tea in China. For the uninformed, that place I am unwilling to visit (where far too many have gone before) or unwilling to touch upon or talk about is Weinergate. I will leave that subject to viewer discretion. For the sake of full disclosure (without photos – you’re welcome; I do not normally drink tea) I might make an exception for all the coffee in Costa Rica. But I digress.

I feel so much better now.

I think.

Too much.

I’ve been around my share of politicians and elected officials in my lifetime. The first was a judge who, when I was 16, thought that it might be completely appropriate to try to pick me up (not literally; at the time, I probably outweighed him by a good 20 pounds). There’s an app for that somewhere. It’s called a shower. No, I’m not stalling.

To be honest, I’ve been around more blocks than a Lego factory and the only thing I’ve built is a reputation for being observant at best. That I can think of myself as squeaky-clean by comparison to some of these individuals who are under media scrutiny, the public microscope and faster-than-a-speeding-bullet information (often, at their own peril, shared by themselves alone), makes me wonder if the sense of entitlement to owning a cell phone with a camera is maybe too much for the average Joe, plumber or not.

Look, I’m not a nationally syndicated columnist (although in my own delusional mind, I believe I have the chops to be one), but I see things a little differently than most people. If you haven’t noticed by now, you might be due for an eye exam.

It’s not that politicians or “normal” (dangerous word, I know) people are conducting themselves any differently than they did years ago. Perhaps we are being provided with more tools to dig ourselves into quicker, deeper graves.

With all that knowledge, you’d think we could all rest in peace.


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