New Years Resolutions

I’m a big list-maker. By putting it in writing, I commit to getting things done and set forth a plan of action. Nothing pleases me more than to systematically take care of all those pesky details that make up the minutia of my life and to be able to cross them off the list. I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Which is why I love New Year’s resolutions – I can make them. I know I can. And you can too.

It’s all in what you promise.

Unlike most people, I never promise more than I can deliver. Those last ten pounds I’ve been trying to shed since the century started? I’m stuck with them. They’re staying with me. There’s no point in saying I’m going to lose them. I have better odds of getting elected to public office. For me to cut the fat, it will require liposuction. Liposuction costs money. Which brings me to my next point.

Save more money? Sure. As soon as I find a way to print it. Until then, or such time where I win the lottery or the economy gets better, I’m trying to find money. Keeping it is a whole other ballgame. They say money is the root of evil. I have a black thumb. I remain a constant gardener.

Be a happier person? If I were any happier, I’d be delirious. I don’t aspire to delirium. The world will just have to settle for the good-humored woman that I am. And that additional ten pounds that comes along with her.

See how easy this is?

It’s all those commercials on TV that make life so complicated at this time of year. “Lose all the weight for only however-much-it-costs 95.” I’m not buying into it.

Now, here’s a list of things I can promise to do in the coming year:

  • Wake up every morning. Yep, I’ve got that covered.
  • Drink water. Easy peasy. Even a caveman can do that.
  • Sleep. I won’t back down.

These are all promises I can gladly keep. You can too.

Happy New Year!

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