PulsePoint: An app that saved a life


Superheroes do in fact walk among us.

An infant’s life was saved in Washington State this week, due to a man with emergency response training and a smartphone app. Jeff Olson, a local mechanic in Spokane, was at his job site when his phone began ringing like what was described to be like an Amber Alert sound. This noise was coming from his PulsePoint phone app.

It was then that he looked down at his phone to realize that there was an emergency alert in the nearby area. The phone stated that CPR was needed at a location not far from him. Olson raced to the local ballet store and inquired about the emergency.

He was informed that a baby was turning blue and needed help. Thankfully, Olson is also a volunteer EMT for Deer Park Ambulance and was trained to react to situations like this. As we all know, you can never train enough for a live emergency, but fortunately his experience overcame the chaos and Olson began to resuscitate the infant.

That day, the stars truly aligned. The fire department connected the PulsePoint app to their dispatch center and Olson had his phone registered with the same application that put him in the place minutes before paramedics could even respond.

As much as I feel that the advancement in technology can be detrimental to some situations, this, in fact, is a time when we should all be very thankful for these advancements. Best of luck for the swift recovery of baby Nolan.

“With the free PulsePoint AED app, citizens can help even before a life is in danger, by easily identifying public access AEDs throughout your community. Users place the AED location on a map, add business and descriptor information and submit photos of the AED in context of its environment.” (pulsepoint.org)

Whether you’re trained in CPR, First Aid emergency response, or just like to be a helpful citizen, download this app to make a difference. Like the story above, this may be a situation of life or death and your quick response might be appreciated forever. Help donate to the PulsePoint Foundation to make a difference.

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