Does Fido want some feta?


I always seem to see dogs in the unlikeliest of places – Home Depot, the Gardens Mall, being worn in slings around someone’s torso or sitting in a pink doggie stroller as they are pushed in and out of boutiques.

It is a phenomenon that I’ve begun to notice more and more. Where did it start? Was it due to Paris Hilton’s practice of toting around Tinkerbell, her tiny Chihuahua?

And now, the Palm Beach Gardens City Council has approved an initial measure to allow restaurants to provide outdoor dining for guests and their dogs. The measure may be approved at a second reading.

The proposal would allow guests to sit in designated outdoor dining areas with their dogs. The canines would not be allowed to sit on the chairs, eat at the table and must remain leashed at all times. Additionally, the dogs would be forbidden to enter the dining establishment or come in contact with food-serving dishes or utensils. Restaurants wishing to offer this option to its patrons must pay $175 for the pooch permits.

While I don’t necessarily think dog owners are knocking down the doors of the city council to have this measure approved, would you take your dog out to a family meal if this comes to fruition? Would you have any qualms about sitting next to someone else’s dog during a dinner out with your own family?

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  1. Natalia says:

    I can say that I would HATE to eat next to someone’s dog. Restaurants are for PEOPLE not for ANIMALS! This whole “my dog my child” mentality has GOT to stop. I went to the Wellington Mall and saw a man pushing a dog in a pink stroller. IN A MALL. Absurd.

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