No, I’m not


Not even 60 days into the New Year and I’ve discovered something I never considered in the previous half century. Drumroll please: I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not Steve Jobs. I also understand that I’m not Oprah. Big surprise, I know.

What I also realized on this path to enlightenment is that neither is anyone else. This made me feel a whole lot better and more comfortable about being part of the 99.99999 (keep on going) percent who aren’t one of these icons either. There was only one Steve Jobs and, as far as I can tell, only one Oprah. Armed with this knowledge, I decided to take action, convert what very well might have been a stumbling block to my becoming anything close to those two giants, and turn this realization into an opportunity.

Like Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey, I took action. I took action in a way few would even think to attempt in a place where even fewer would consider it. I went to

And then I declared myself the winning owner of this insight by claiming ownership of the obvious: and Come on; I know you like it. So far, the calls are not pouring in.

As far as declarations are concerned, I may be a little more forward thinking than some. Not many people I know run around declaring that they aren’t somebody. In fact, the opposite is true. The more things that people claim to be, the deeper they seem to submerge themselves in hot water. Especially when all end up getting proven incorrect, wrong or downright untrue. Politicians in particular seem to have this market cornered.

My thinking is that instead of pretending to be someone I am not, I will now proudly embrace that very fact and share it with the world. I’m very proud to have reached the conclusion that I’m not a lot of people. I’m not Madonna, I’ll never be Bruce Springsteen and I’m definitely no Sigmund Freud.

Now that I own all these websites, you’re probably wondering what I plan to do about them.

I’m not telling.

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