Next payday, try a pound cake

Payday Poundcake

Imagine if your job entailed spending all day with your precious kids, in the kitchen, teaching them and spending quality time (let’s pretend they aren’t acting up and are total angels). Also, instead of late-night research on annual financial budgets, you get to watch Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay whipping up their favorite dishes. Also, your personal organizer and planner is your recipe book. What would it take for someone to have this fantasy life? How about losing your job? That’s right, Joel Epstein from Wellington, Florida, is reaping the benefits from being let go, and no, not unemployment checks.

Epstein, a Comcast worker for fourteen years, found himself with a lot of free time, and spending a lot of that time in the kitchen. Aside from simply cooking more, his family had significant stomach issues that prevented them from eating out. Having this severe inability to enjoy food pushed Epstein to enroll in culinary school. Now, Chef Epstein is the creator of baked goods that are popular in and out of the classroom.

The popular sweet treats were so good that Epstein’s wife would bring them on paydays at her work. Her co-workers would offer her money to take them home, and alas, Payday Poundcakes were born. The business is strictly online but ships throughout the United States. This goes to show that there is always sunshine after the rain. Chef Epstein is a great example of perseverance and turning a bad situation better. He really was proactive to do something that was important for his family, both financially and emotionally. Now they can have their paydays, and eat their pound cake too.

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