Mercedes-Benz Portugal to debut new surfboards


Having grown up in South Florida, I’ve seen my fair share of both surfboards and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. However, I can say that until now, I’ve never seen a Mercedes-Benz raw material surfboard.

In 2013, Mercedes-Benz debuted its first surfboard, MBoards, to the world. Famed Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara partnered with Mercedes-Benz and used an MBoard to achieve a new record for the biggest wave ever surfed. Now, McNamara is putting Mercedes-Benz Portugal’s newest board to the test as he surfs the biggest waves ever found on Earth: those of the North Canyon in Nazaré, Portugal.

In conjunction with Corticeira Amorim — the largest producer of cork products — Mecerdes-Benz Portugal’s surfboard is made entirely of raw cork. The cork has the durability and resistance to withstand North Canyon’s 70-foot or more waves.

“When we surf big waves, we need a flexible board, although resistant enough not to break,” McNamara said.

McNamara is also in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Portugal’s other surfboards. Mercedes-Benz Portugal partnered with Polen Surfboards to design two surfboards made from the same foam found in airplane wings, which McNamara brought to Mercede- Benz and Polen from Varial Surfboards in California. Although not yet produced, these surfboards will be “specifically designed to withstand the most extreme conditions,” said Álvaro Costa from Polen.

Mercedes-Benz latest partnership with will provide HD cameras that broadcast live images from other beaches in Portugal. Surfers and beachgoers will also see real-time weather information for free.

“This partnership will bring a wealth of benefits to the entire surfing community, which, as we know, relies heavily not only on sea conditions but also on weather conditions,” said Vasco Silva, the director of Beachcam Portugal.

From state-of-the-art cars to now state-of-the-art surfboards, Mercedes-Benz’s newest inventions are sure to please every walk of life.

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