Local ministry president to be panelist at Rome-based forum


The president of a local Catholic relief and development ministry will sit on the panel of the International Vatican Forum in Rome this November.

Jim Cavnar, president of Cross Catholic Outreach in Boca Raton, said in an email that he was invited to be a panelist after conference planners recognized his significant relationship with Catholic ministries across the world. Cross Catholic Outreach, which is a member of Caritas in Veritate International, was founded in 2001 and has since provided $1.2 billion to the poor across 90 countries. In 2013 alone, CCO gave $240 million to more than 250 projects in almost 30 countries.

The International Vatican Forum is from Nov. 6-9 at a pontifical university. Lectures discussed will range from the social significance of Christianity to the relationship between culture and spirituality, Cavnar said. In addition to the lecture series, panel discussions about the relationship between faith and charitable works will also take place.

CIVI is co-hosting the event with CCO. Cavnar said he decided to co-host the forum because of CCO’s “interest in seeing Catholic charities learn how to make their services to the poor be more effective through their faith.” CIVI, founded in 2010, recognizes Catholic charities like CCO in an international association.

Accessing the proceedings of the forum while they’re in progress is not possible, but Cavnar expects them to be published in a book sometime after the forum’s conclusion. He said that anyone interested in obtaining a copy should contact him.

Cavnar said he is looking forward to sitting on the forum’s panel and is excited by the opportunity to meet international leaders of charity organizations.

“I have always found getting to know such people very inspiring,” he said. “Imagine walking into a room full of Mother Teresas and you’ll get the idea.”

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