Keep food fresher longer with FreshTape®


One of my biggest pet peeves is buying a bag of lettuce and having to throw it out just two days after it’s purchased because it spoiled to the point of being unsalvageable. The plastic bag it’s in can’t be saved either because the lettuce’s rotten water has dirtied it.

So how does one keep food fresh long enough to use all of it? Laura Wilkinson Sinton and her business partner and lifelong friend Liz Gullum figured out the solution: FreshTape®. This resealable tape was first inspired when both Laura and Liz realized chip clips were germ-infested and bug-infested inventions, so they took 18 months to design and test FreshTape®, Sinton said in an email. It’s an eco-friendly and completely recyclable alternative to plastic bags and bag clips.

You’re probably wondering how exactly this magical tape keeps food fresher longer. Sinton said the breathability factor of the foods’ original bags have a different breathability than that of plastic bags. FreshTape® reseals food “in the bag the manufacturer intended it to remain fresh longest in” so that spoilage is less likely. The BPA-free and phthalate-free tape won’t cause freezer burn, making it safe for both freezer foods and refrigerated foods.

The reusability of FreshTape® is unlike any other tape. One piece of tape reseals over and over again at least a dozen times! In Sinton’s opinion, that is one of the best aspects about FreshTape® besides it being safe for food. The product works best on non-paper-based flexible packaging.

With Halloween around the corner, FreshTape® has debuted its Animal Prints line to get your pantry ready for those open candy bags. They come in a set of 18 tapes for just $9.99. Sinton said other designs, including a collegiate licensed tape collection, would be out soon for LSU, UF and other university tailgaters.

FreshTape® is currently available in Sur La Table stores nationwide and in more than 400 gift and gourmet stores across the United States. Don’t have any of these stores near you? Don’t fret because all the tapes and different designs are available in the FreshTape® online store.

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