Jeggings: fad or fail?


If you happen to be at your favorite department store and pass the denim section, but have to take a double-look to make sure you’re not in the maternity section, don’t worry! Unless you got extremely mixed up, you probably didn’t get lost, as these elastic denim-patterned leggings are now available at a shopping center near you. The jeans-gone-leggings, appropriately called “jeggings,” are now a commonly found style choice.

I’m not sure of the motive behind jeggings just yet; are they for the comfort-lovers that want to look like they have tried little more for the day than just slapping on the traditional stretch pants, or is it a posh statement? Of course, jeggings have been on the runway, but what doesn’t look chic on a model?

Jeggings have become so popular that even late-night host Conan O’Brien donned a pair for an episode in early December. His take on them? Amazingly comfortable! The skinny-jean fad has caught his eye, but man-jeggings aren’t recommended.

So if you’re interested in wearing these denim leggings, what is the right way? There is no correct answer. Because they are still denim yet stretchy, they are very versatile. You can still think of them as leggings, but without the color boundaries! Pair them with flats, boots or heels. Add a scarf to a long T-shirt or a sweater dress. Celebrities love jeggings too! Stars like Rihanna have been spotted wearing jeggings with a shorter T-shirt and vest. Stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Target have jeggings for less, so if you’re interested, pick up a pair! If you think they are ridiculous, don’t worry. Like any other fad, it’s likely to be over soon.

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