Celebrity Update – Jason Alexander carries out some presidential promoting


If Jason Alexander’s statement that he has a “man crush” on Obama wasn’t enough, Alexander has showcased his love by stepping into the ring for our President and defending his performance in the October 3 Presidential Debate with Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Alexander’s Seinfeld character, George Costanza, has been invoked twice since the first debate, one of which likened Costanza in “The Comeback” episode to Obama’s too-little-and-too-late post-debate comebacks. Alexander took to Twitter to comment on the comparison: “I would pay big $ if POTUS would actually use the line re: jerk store. Alas, POTUS should probably not emulate my character.”

Since then, Alexander has made appearances on both the UF and FSU campuses to campaign for Obama.

Alexander spoke at the rival campuses on Wednesday, October 10. At FSU, Alexander spoke to about 100 students on Florida State’s Landis Green and at UF Hillel later that day. Alexander is not new to the campaign “trail” – he stumped for Barack Obama in 2008 and is very hopeful that he will be re-elected.

Alexander told students at FSU, “I’m so excited to see you all and thrilled to have you out here in these numbers with this enthusiasm. I have a son who’s a junior in college and I’m having to beat him over the head to get him to pay attention to this election.”

Alexander pushed students to vote for Obama and encouraged them to recruit their family members, stating that he brought his dad over from “the dark side.”

Alexander says he doesn’t campaign because he’s a celebrity … he campaigns because he has no other way to show his patriotism for his country.

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