Hello, boo-tea-ful! Diet & Detox With Bootea


If you’re a tea aficionado and love the revitalizing benefits of a diet/detox program, I’ve found one you can get behind: Bootea.

Don’t let the cutesy, semi-provocative name fool you, this 14- or 28-day “teatox” program really does kick butt. These 100% natural health supplements are a way to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle or can be added to your already active routine to help cleanse your systems and increase your energy.

What you get with a 14-day supply:

  • A 14-day supply of loose leaf tea (in teabags)
  • A 7-day supply of Bedtime Cleanse bags

How to use:

  • The Daytime Cleanse (morning tea) contains caffeine as well as other herbal stimulants like yerba mate tea leaves, which burn fat and calories and suppresses appetite. This should be taken every morning upon rising. Pour boiling water over tea bag and set for 3-5 minutes.
  • The Bedtime Cleanse concerns colon cleansing. The tea bags do not contain caffeine. Instead, the tea bag blend contains a natural laxative to cleanse and detoxify your body by removing toxins from the body. This helps break down the normal junk we consume on a daily basis. The laxative is in effect usually eight hours after consumption. Take every second night before bed for the duration of the teatox.

While one this program, make sure to follow the directions to receive the best effect. Also, remember to stay hydrated. As an added benefit, Bootea has compiled an Eating Plan filled with recipes and meal plans for the duration of your teatox. The items on the menu all complement the detox very well and will help achieving the greatest results.

The products are also sold individually if you prefer to use them separately. Be sure to check out their other weight-loss and wellness products such as the Bootea Shake and the Bootea Fitness Plan. The Shake is perfect for satisfying hunger, while consuming a vitamin-fueled mixture that will keep you fuller longer, inducing weight loss. The Bootea Fitness Plan is a one-stop document that helps you become the best you. This item under $5 will be your guide to the bikini body you wanted.

For more information, visit en.bootea.com.

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