Have a shoe for every outfit with Swicharoos


Do you have a budding fashionista at home who just cannot get enough of shoes?

Say hello to Swicharoos. Designed for girls and teens, Swicharoos turn one pair of sandals into dozens of various styles. Rudy Stonisch, owner of Swicharoos, said his daughter Cate devised the idea, which was then patented in 2013.

This patented attachment lets kids push, turn and click to then switch out the tops of the sandals with different colors and patterns so the shoes match no matter the outfit. Soles come in two colors, black and tan, and you can buy however many tops you want. Unlike Jack Roger sandals that cost $79 for one style, Swicharoos offer 24 styles for $99.99, Stonisch said. That is approximately $4 per style, which includes two pairs of soles, 12 sets of stylish tops and a carrying case.

“If you buy the collection, you get an instant closet full of shoes for any outfit,” he said.

While the complete set costs almost $100, you can also pick three tops for $39.99 or buy a starter set for $19.99. To buy them, head on over to the company’s website.

Sizes start at a girl’s 10/11 and go up to a teen 5/6.

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