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Jennifer Lawrence is considered one of Hollywood’s most relatable actresses; she loves food, hates to work out, and stars in memes and gifs that show off her hilarious personality.

However, despite her love for all things that aren’t salad, JLaw still possesses a body that makes many of us ladies envious; she has celebrity trainer Kit Rich to thank for that.

And now you have Kit, too!

Kit has partnered with lucy, the popular activewear company, to offer Fit by Kit: Making Fit Your Everyday. The program is based on Kit’s “3 or 30” theory – that 3 miles or 30 minutes of exercise every day is a sustainable way to get active. The partnership will showcase two 30-minute workouts with Kit as well as several videos that highlight proper form and techniques for common exercises.

“As a fitness professional, I’ve grown tired of extreme forms of workout out that aren’t sustainable. My 3 or 30 is the philosophy that I believe makes you stay consistent,” explains Kit. 3 miles or 30 minutes could mean 30 dedicated minutes of a workout video, or 30 minutes of playing outside with your kids. It could mean 3 miles on the treadmill, or 3 miles throughout the day as counted by your fitness tracker.”

As a society, we are so focused on quick fixes, even if it means sometimes pushing ourselves harder than we really should. When it comes to our physical and mental health, quick fixes often do exactly the opposite of what we want from them – we end up exhausted and injured, being forced to stop working out, creating weight gain, which leads to depression… and it becomes cyclical. “3 or 30” promotes longevity in a fitness regime by avoiding burnout, creating a loving relationship between your mind and your body, and allowing you to let go of ridiculous standards that you, and the world around you, may have for your body.

Fit by Kit will continue throughout 2016. You can find blogs, videos, a list of Kit’s favorite lucy pieces, and more information about Kit by visiting

“Whatever your reasons for working out, let the main one be to feel damn good. Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen,” Rich said.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to feel damn good!

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