Gain your hour back with shhh


I’ve once wasted a good hour in Target contemplating types of soap. I stood in the shampoo and conditioner aisle smelling every Herbal Essences product. Then I walked over to the shaving cream aisle and looked back and forth between Gillette and Skintimate, contemplating the cheaper unisex cream versus the luscious Strawberry Tangerine Twist that has a bright, girly graphic plastered around the can. And on my way out, I stopped in the aisle filled with bars of soap. This didn’t take me as long, though. I grabbed my Dove Beauty Bar package and finally headed for home.

Now there’s a solution for people with indecisiveness, like myself. A new grooming and beauty bar by 3waybeauty combines three easy tasks into one: shampooing, showering and shaving, or shhh. This unisex bar contains zero synthetics, preservatives, artificial fragrances and coloring. It’s available in a 1.5 oz. bar ($5) and a 6 oz. bar ($17).

Not only does this bar save you an hour when picking out shower products, but it also saves the earth. The Eco Clear Bags, which are used for sample and 1.5 oz. bar packaging, are made from lactic acid in plants. The independent and small businesses that design, manufacture and package the bars commit to sustainability by using a 100 percent hydro-powered paper mill.

Plus, if you’re tired of looking for the perfect pet shampoo, look no further! 3waybeauty also designs bars to wash your dog that they call doggystyle. It’s free of synthetics, preservatives and the like, and you can even have your groomer use it, too. This bar comes in a 1.5 oz. and a 6 oz. option, with both costing the same as the original bar.

And the last of the 3waybeauty products includes one for your fruits and vegetables! All you have to do is run warm water over the bar and onto your produce. They’ll be clean and ready to eat in no time.

Besides a three-in-one bar of soap, 3waybeauty also offers many different accessories, like a pouch (almost like a loofah), two different aromas and a cedar box to help extend the life of your soap.

So the next time you’re contemplating which shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream and bar of soap to buy, leave the store, run home and jump online to order your bar of shhh.

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