From trash to treasure


The sixth annual Evening for the Earth was not just a night of good food, fun and ecologically green-minded people, the event garnered a little greenery itself – $12,000 for Resource Depot, and, in turn, helped Mother Earth catch her breath.

Resource Depot is an organization that collects reusable items and turns them over to teachers – think kids’ art projects like buttons, beads, folders, cloth, basically anything that’s clean, safe and reusable – containing it all in the classroom, while keeping it out of our landfills.

Approximately 125 guests enjoyed a cocktail party with food by Café Joshua Catering and a silent auction at the Lake Pavilion & Terrace in West Palm Beach.

“Our guests enjoyed the location, with top to bottom glass that offered an amazing view of the water and city,” said Erika Chapman, Operations & Communications Specialist for Resource Depot. “We picked the Lake Pavilion for that reason, as well as its eco-friendly, LEED-certified design.”

Lots of items were up for bid, yet one item was coveted above the rest.

“One great auction item was the ‘Mayor for a Day’ certificate, donated by Mayor Jeri Muoio,” Chapman said.

To provide a vehicle for guests to participate with Resource Depot, there was the Giving Tree Display, which gave guests the opportunity to make a specific donation to one program, such as a direct delivery of materials to a school in need or sponsorship of a class field trip. Donation opportunities for the teachers included an annual membership and a one-day shopping pass.

Funds raised will be used to expand the Depot’s collection and distribution programs through “drop stop” delivery programs. Drop Stop aims to allocate reusable materials and environmental education to teachers and schools in the community.

According to their website, Resource Depot gave more than 300 tons of materials to local teachers to use in their classrooms, which would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

“It was thrilling to see how much enthusiasm for our mission was generated by the Evening for the Earth this year,” said Chapman. “We hope to bring in even more of the public next year.”

For more information, visit or call (561) 882-0090.

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