Wine and dine in Napa Valley


To every foodie and wine connoisseur, book your flights and pack your bags because the annual Flavor! Napa Valley Wine and Food Festival is right around the corner, and tickets are on sale now.

From Nov. 20 to 24, indulge your taste buds with refreshing, locally made wine and succulent Napa-inspired food. There will be cooking demonstrations, tastings, interactive workshops and outstanding dining experiences illustrating Napa Valley’s earthen traits.

Chefs like Todd English and Roy Choi will be in attendance for the very first time, while others, like Scott Conant and Masaharu Morimoto, will be returning for another year. Wine experts include Jon Bonné and Karen MacNeil. For a more detailed list, click here.

There are a total of 14 intimate, hands-on workshops offered at this year’s festival, all under the Terroir to Table: Farm, Cellar, Kitchen™ program. These three-hour-long workshops take place at vineyards, farms, wineries and kitchens, and they let foodies and the wine connoisseurs learn about Napa Valley’s world-class chefs and winemakers. For a complete list of workshops and prices under the program, click here.

Following the workshops are the demonstrations, where participating chefs will educate attendees on how to put ingredients together to make award-winning dishes. Possible demonstrations to attend include one by Chef Christopher Kostow, another by Chef Todd English and one more presented by Delta Air Lines, “West Coast Meets East Coast: A Demonstration of Italian Specialties.”

With food comes wine, and at this year’s festival there will be at least three wine tastings, with more information and tastings available online. Guests will be able to talk to and meet some of Napa Valley’s most recognized winemakers. Participants will get the opportunity to taste wines from the Valley’s Cabernet Sauvignon to other rare delights. Wine tastings include ones by Alder Yarrow, Ashley Hepworth and Larry Stone.

And what’s a festival without some celebrations? Dining events are offered to guests so they can take their taste buds on a roller coaster ride while also talking with the chefs and winemakers. There’s the Welcome Dinner, the Appellation Trail, the Dinner with Napa Valley Winemakers, the First Taste Napa, and the Terroir to Table: A Sustainable Brunch.

So, if you attend this year’s Flavor! Napa Valley Wine and Food Festival, you won’t need to worry about Thanksgiving because you’ll be stuffed after this exhilarating trip to one of the U.S.’s most premier wine countries! Bon appetit!

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