Fill in the blanks: Mad (men) Libs


We’ve got a lot of problems in the world. There are far too many hypothesizers and talking heads to go around and not enough smart ideas. As my mother used to say, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

She never played Mad Libs.

Whether the game was born out of necessity or just plain fun, Mad Libs was and remains one of the most enduring, funny and educational games for people who have a creative spirit and random words sitting around the living room of their minds. Apparently, most people who make movies and policy lack this gene because they are too busy thinking about ways to make money at our expense.

The solution to many of the world’s problems and lack of interesting films could be tackled in one fell swoop with a simple game of Mad Libs. Imagine a session of Congress making decisions by filling in the following blanks:

“In the matter of (hmm, let’s see, something like gun control), I the (noun) and (adjective) representative of this (adjective) state, do hereby declare that only (adjective) residents with an IQ of (number) who are fully capable of spelling (difficult word to spell) shall be allowed to carry and use (adjective) firearms only on (pick a once in a millennia) event.

Problem solved, n’est-ce-pas?

For every screenwriter, producer and agent looking for the next best romantic comedy, a good Mad Lib could shake up the sluggish box office by turning one interesting, hilarious concept into pure residual gold. Imagine what this pitch might look like:

Twenty-something (pick a profession) discovers her (adjective) (piece of kitchen equipment) is furiously flirting with her (adjective) fiancé behind her (adverb) deteriorating back. Because her culinary skills are (adjective) at best, she decides to improve them by moving to (location) where she meets up with a kindred (inanimate object) and colludes with the (adjective) instructor to get her fiancé to fall in love once again with her (body part).

You get the picture. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to find solutions to everyday problems. If only we could remove the unnecessary mad men who make all the decisions, we could easily fill in the blanks.

The end.

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