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Studio Systems News is a specialty magazine that provides unbiased news as well as cutting-edge features by those in the arts & entertainment industry. Recently, they wrote an article naming “The Seven Largest and Most Innovative Sound Stages and Studios in the World.” The categories featured were:

  • Masterful Control of the Weather
  • Land Where Dreams are Made
  • History at its Finest
  • Most Advanced Water Tank in the World
  • The European Behemoth
  • Movie Studio of the Future
  • The Georgia Peach

Palm Beach County’s own G-Star Studios’ Sound Stage 1 was deemed the world’s Master Control of the Weather. This sound stage complex topped the charts with its 110,000 enveloped square feet of innovation. Greg Hauptner, founder of the G-Star School and Studio, touches on some of the stage’s remarkable features:

“In Sound Stage 1 there has been snow, rain, lakes, raging fires, wind and storms – just about any weather condition possible. It has a special smoke removal system that will empty a half million cubic square feet in less than two minutes, and an air conditioning system that no other sound stage in the world has. It also has a quick-release drainage system for water tanks.”

On the roof, you will find four gigantic blowers to assist in sucking out smoke when filming a forest fire. The quick-release drains allow for any precipitation, from a light drizzle to a full-on hurricane.

The idea for Sound Stage 1 came from fulfilling G-Star’s mission, which is to help create a film industry in Palm Beach, so when their students graduate, they will be immediately employed. This drive, plus inspiration from the Warner Bros. Studios where the movie Casablanca was made, helped make this dream become a reality.

Although the studio is nonprofit and can be utilized for minimal cost, there have been some pretty big names that have spent time on this stage.

“We’ve had feature films such as Parker starring Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham produced in Sound Stage 1, as well as music people such as Bob Dylan, Jimmie Buffett, The Moody Blues, Celine Dion; commercials such as Nike, Abercrombie & Fitch, Rolex with Tiger Woods and Shaquile O’Neal; and many music videos,” said Hauptner.

For more information on this studio complex, visit www.gstarstudios.com.


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