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Summer is my favorite season. It’s not just because the sun seems to shine a little brighter, the beaches are buzzing with energized spirits, and there are countless events, but because it’s the one time of year I can go back to my old high school and teach young students the sport that I love.

For the past couple of years, I have helped coach a tennis camp for middle-and high schoolers that teaches the basic fundamentals of tennis, progressing into some serious competition. This allows them to engage with other students, be physically active and partake in team-building activities. If you’re like me and find yourself inspired by coaching our youth, the newly launched program detailed below is for you.

On March 22, locals attended the opening workshop, “Teaching Sport and Coaching Kids: Improving Sport Instruction and Teaching Responsible Behavior” presented by Dr. Gary T. Barrette. This was the first event for the Coach Smart Performance program, designed as an outreach program for youth coaches and sports education teachers in South Florida.

Paired with Northwood University (located in West Palm Beach), Elite Coaching Consultants provided attendees with invaluable information including development and support. To make it even more appealing, this event was absolutely free. It was endorsed by the Palm Beach County Sports Commission, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County and Roger Dean Stadium.

It’s important that we know how to encourage local kids and keep them interested in constructive extracurricular activities; these workshops are the key to helping our youth stay active and engaged. For more information about Elite Coaching Consultants or the Coach Smart Performance program, visit

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