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Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum | Best Vacuum Ever
Dyson Dc59 Motorhead Has Numerous Extensions And Attachments

Dyson Dc59 Motorhead Comes With Numerous Extensions And Attachments

Dirty floors have met their match with the new Dyson DC59 Motorhead cordless handheld vacuum! The DC59 Motorhead is an engineering marvel that out-cleans most full-size vacuums; it comes in a beautiful svelte package with two different motorized brush heads, delivering 75% more power to the brushes than Dyson’s own DC59 Animal, and is a joy to maneuver thanks to its lightweight cordless design. More important than its superior performance is the fact that this vacuum breaks down barriers that prevent vacuuming in the first place.

A wall mount smoothly releases and retrieves the DC59 while storing its attachments, and it allows for convenient storage in a central area such as a kitchen pantry. Grabbing it to clean up typical kitchen floor messes becomes second nature since retrieval of the Motorhead, cleanup and placing it back into its dock can typically be done in 30 seconds or less.

Dyson Dc59 Motorhead Lithium Ion Battery Lasts Long TimeThe long-lasting lithium battery eliminates cord fatigue. No more winding and unwinding, plugging and unplugging from outlets, or maneuvering with the cord while vacuuming. Normal mode provides 24 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time, while Max mode gives a generous six minutes of super-suction guaranteed to vacuum up the most stubborn of messes.

The DC59 Motorhead feels like an extension of your body when holding it, unlike bulky full-size vacuums. Simply twist your wrist to turn the floor motorhead left or right. Thanks to its light weight cobwebs in ceiling corners are now a thing of the past!

Dyson Cyclone Technology Spins Dust Out Of The Air And Into The Dustbin

Dyson Cyclone Technology Spins Dust Out Of The Air And Into The Dustbin

Powerful suction and brush action means that most rooms can be fully cleaned in just a couple of minutes. The Motorhead uses the same cyclone action found in its full size machines spinning dirt and dust out of the airflow and into the dustbin.

Have a baby in the house? The Dyson makes it a breeze to retrieve and suction up those once tasty morsels that your little one leaves behind, making moms and dads as happy as having baby sleep through the night. Take the thinking out of vacuuming this holiday season and remember to either gift this a few days prior or combine it with a luxurious non-practical gift (like jewelry).

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