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If you’re ever in Miami and strolling along 39th Street, I have a place for you to visit. If you have no reason to go to Miami anytime soon, I have one for you now. The Orianne Collins Jewellery boutique is filled with creative, high-quality rings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

Adorned with amazing craftsmanship and inspired by her dreams, Collins’ jewelry is an assortment of statement pieces and subtle swanky-ness, perfect for anyone. The nine product lines from her women’s collection include: Forever (Happily Ever After), Heritage (Messages), Limited (High Jewelry), Romance (One from the Heart), Signature (The Trendsetter Icon), Symbols, Tales (Invitation to Travel), Vintage (Retro Addict) and Wonders (Enchantment and Sensitivity).

Noteworthy pieces include the rings from and earrings from the Tales line. These sultry showpieces take me back to the Arabian Nights and are ready to be shown the world on Aladdin’s magic carpet. Perhaps Collins embraced her diverse ethnicity of Swiss and Thai to create this enchanting look.

Her rings are what really do it for me. The Vintage rings are retro chic, donned with materials like white gold, black diamonds and white agate. Another striking one that caught my attention was the Imaginary Land from the Wonders line. This is where her creativity shines through to me. With a large centerpiece (a blue topaz gem), embellished with sapphires and quartz in the shape of flowers and dragonflies on a white gold band, this really pushes the posh envelope. It is absolutely beautiful.

Not only does Collins have an extensive jewelry line for women, but also a collection for children and men as well, so all can enjoy her creations. She is retailed in three stores in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but visiting her store gives you a chance to view the entirety of her collection. To learn more about her story, jewelry and locations, visit www.oriannecollins.com.

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