Fostering a smile

Dr. Karen Glerum

Dr. Karen Glerum

Being a kid isn’t always as easy as adults think. Children may not have to go to work, but they do have to deal with peer pressure and growing pains while trying to fit in. It’s hard enough growing up when you have loving parents at home to hold you and comfort you, but what about the kids who are part of foster care – who takes care of their needs?

Let’s face it: unfortunately, society today is on a quest for perfection. Perfect skin, hair and teeth can make you the envy of others while the lack thereof can get you ridiculed and bullied. It sure is a lot easier to make friends when you can flash a beautiful smile. However, there are a lot of children who don’t have the means to visit the dentist on a regular basis and therefore might not get the care they need. One local dentist and her staff are doing all they can to help keep the smiles of kids in foster care as pearly as those of their peers. Dr. Karen Glerum and her staff have proved they have generous hearts by kicking off dental fairs that will be taking place the next couple months throughout Palm Beach County.

Dr. Glerum isn’t alone in her quest to give these children the much-needed care they deserve, as several other local dentist are also participating. Not only have they pledged to help these children but have even offered continuous care. FoundCare Health Center in West Palm Beach has offered its clinic to help aid the project manager Child and Family Connections, in conjunction with Children’s Home Society of Florida, South Coastal Division and the Florida Department of Children and Families. These dentists are not only giving back, but creating hope. Now that should make us all smile.

If you know of a dental professional who would be interested in participating, please contact Steve Bardy at (561) 868-4330 or

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