Dr. G’s Weight Loss program takes it all off


With the holidays upon us, it’s only natural that people start thinking about taking off the additional weight from the additional calories that come with it. For every person who struggles with diets without any real long-term success, it becomes a frustrating cycle of more ups than downs. The desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle is often sabotaged by what’s on the table.

Dr. G’s Weight Loss program is an individualized program that clients can live (and eat) with. At the center in Jupiter, office manager Sue Messenger is proof that this program works.

“We want this to be the last diet and a complete lifestyle change for all of our clients,” she said.

Messenger should know. Shortly after starting to work for Dr. Suheil Khuri (a retired orthopedic surgeon who owns the Dr. G’s franchise in Jupiter), she became aware that she had to try the program for herself.

“I knew I was a little overweight. But you don’t know how overweight you really are until somebody takes a picture of you, hands it to you and you see it for yourself and really realize that you actually look like this to other people.”

Messenger started the program in March. A proprietary medication blend developed by Dr. G (Dr. Charles Goldsmith) that is one part pharmaceutical and three parts herbaceuticals, along with a revamped eating plan, helped Messenger drop 32 lbs. in less than 90 days. More importantly, the weight has stayed off.

“You don’t have cravings and you don’t feel hungry,” she said. Best of all, the rollercoaster beast that makes bad food choices gets tamed: “This is the easiest thing I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried everything.” So have most people.

Clients extoll the virtues of the meds for not creating a “buzz factor” or mood swings and for the food program making sense in a real world where real food is eaten every day. Dr. G’s program helps people live and deal with food for the rest of their lives.

Clients initially visit the center once a week (or biweekly) to get their program underway. Their progress is measured and the meds are titrated (lowered) to adjust to the weight loss that is inevitable. Change is imminent and people start to see and feel the difference within two weeks.

Messenger sees the results on every person including herself. And she keeps that picture that prompted her to get with the program on her desk as proof and a reminder of how far she has come. Clients may see the difference, but more importantly, they feel it.

Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness can be found locally at 901 W Indiantown Rd. in Jupiter; hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. For more info, call (561) 427-2232 or visit http://drgsweightloss.com/florida/jupiter/.

The photo above is of Belinda Sorenson, a new patient of Dr. G’s in Jupiter.  We will be following her progress over the next few months.

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