Do you know the way to Saint-Tropez?


A little respite can do a lot to recharge the spirit, and if it’s in the French Riviera, ooh la la.

La Réserve Ramatuelle is the perfect place to refresh, rejuvenate and generally reboot.

“La Réserve Ramatuelle is a like a secret location with a breathtaking view, just 15 minutes from the legendary village of Saint-Tropez,” said Delphine Nicolas of the Michel Reybier Hospitality Collection. “Guests are invited to enjoy a place full of discretion and serenity, not far from the rest of the world, just to have a delicious break for themselves before coming back to the reality, with a personalized luxury service.”

This season the hotel has a little something in store for its guests: its new restaurant, La Voile (The Sail). Executive Chef Eric Canino, the former chef at Gréoux-les-Bains, has a reputation for culinary creativity. He expresses his artistry using our palates as his canvas. The food is fresh and light, served under the white sails that float above the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean.

“A fan of authentic local produce, Eric Canino loves to offer to the guest to explore the potential of each and every product by dreaming up different ways to prepare it, whether raw or cooked in a variety of forms and combined in multiple ways,” Nicolas said. “It’s a unique gastronomic experience, out from the reality. Simple but perfect. Close to the nature, the season, the real taste of each ingredient.”

Chef Canino does things differently.

“Tomatoes and fruit are kept at room temperature rather than in the fridge, in order to enhance their flavor. Fruit and vegetables are picked daily, preferably directly from the kitchen garden,” Nicolas said. “No added fats, aside from olive oils, selected for their aroma and their delicacy. No refined sugars, only natural sugars, which are so much kinder to the figure. Eric Canino’s technical mastery promotes the truth of flavor with authentic simplicity, in recipes that deliberately contain few ingredients.”

He is also accessible to guests where he enjoys sharing and explaining his passion and his culinary approach.

To make a reservation at La Réserve Ramatuelle, call +33 4 94 44 94 44 or visit

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