Decisions, decisions


Open your eyes. Wake up or hit the snooze alarm and go back to sleep? Cook eggs or oatmeal; eat sliced fruit, grab yogurt or a protein bar? Hit the gym or pass until later? Check email before hopping into the shower or wait until you are dressed? What to wear? Dress down or for success?

Answer the call and lose five precious minutes or send it directly to voicemail? Check in on Facebook and “like” or simply lurk? Tweet about your quasi-fabulous life/observations/something that really matters or just “favorite” what someone else said for you already?

Take the freeway or surface roads and beat the traffic? Let the guy in the BMW merge ahead of you at his insistence even though the sign clearly indicated half a mile ago that his lane would end, or make him wait for trying to sneak in at the last minute? Smile and acknowledge the complete stranger as you walk in the door, or pretend you’re immersed in deep conversation on your smartphone as you pass the homeless person? Feel important or be of importance? Life is hard and it’s not even 9:15.

Get annoyed that there’s no fresh coffee or make a pot yourself? Bark your orders or kindly request? Send that scathing text or bite your tongue? Own your mistake or Velcro it to someone less fortunate in the corporate food chain so that you can eat (or be eaten) for another day?

Volunteer to help your friend move or claim that you’ve got a previous engagement and quickly make one so you don’t get caught? Get that lingering assignment done quickly or take the time to get it done right?

Dinner at home or out with friends? Finally replace the light bulb that no one else will or pretend you didn’t notice either? Kindle or Netflix?

Each and every day our lives are comprised of numerous small decisions that separately, seem harmless or insignificant. Collectively our lives are merely a series of choices that repeatedly challenge us to act and immunize us from doing something crazy like giving in to the urge to really live. Until we do.

I’ve made my choice. Now I have to sleep in it.

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