Conference focuses on sustainable clothing practices


Green is sweeping the nation, and I don’t mean money (though, that would be great). From organic food to energy-efficient cars, sustainable practices are becoming more present in everyday life.

INDIGENOUS, an apparel company that uses sustainable practices, will co-sponsor the Ethical Fashion & Sustainable Design Summit in Miami April 16-18. The conference will hold 20 panels led by more than 50 of the fashion industry’s leading experts. Topics that will be addressed include the future of the fashion industry and how companies can include healthier global practices into their futures. Matt Reynolds, a co-founder of INDIGENOUS, will be head of the advisory board as well as a speaker leading a panel.

The next time you shop from INDIGENOUS, you’ll get more than just a garment and a price tag. The apparel company just released its new Fair Trace Tool™, which allows buyers to see who makes their garment, the maker’s story, and how their purchase will impact the maker, all with the scan of a Quick-Response (QR) code label.

Paper bags are beginning to replace plastic ones – at least they do at Trader Joe’s – and soon, organically made clothes could be in your local mall, if they aren’t already. There’s a green revolution erupting, and it’ll be doing Earth (and our clothing) some good.

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