Buckle up more easily with MyBuckleMate


If you’re planning a road trip this holiday season, make buckling up as easy as one, two, three. Thanks to one new product, there’s no need to spend extra time fishing buckles out from between the seats or having to reach over your kids to help them buckle up. So this season, get to your destination quickly and safely with MyBuckleMate.

Having just launched in May, MyBuckleMate has already garnered rave reviews from parents across the United States, according to Meghan Khaitan, founder of MyBuckleMate. It won the Mr. Dad’s Seal of Approval as well as the NAPPA Silver Award for Innovation National Parenting Publications.

MyBuckleMate works as a backseat buckle holster and props up the buckle, making it easy to buckle for even the smallest of hands. Khaitan said that it’s perfect for kids in booster seats as well as kids who have special needs or motor planning difficulties.

“It’s important for kids to learn to buckle up as early as possible so that it becomes a lifelong habit whenever they get into a car,” she said. “The easier it is to buckle, the more likely they will do it!”

So how exactly does MyBuckleMate work? The holster separates into two pieces, which lock around the fabric that anchors the buckles, keeping them in upright positions. Khaitan said MyBuckleMate does not obstruct the buckle’s release button or the latch plate where the buckle clicks into place.

MyBuckleMate works in cars and SUVs that have a second- and/or third-row bench seat with buckle bases that either fall into the seat pocket or flop around. A complete list of vehicles MyBuckleMate has been tested in can be found here.

This product is available online for $13.99 for a two-pack, and it comes in four different colors (though beige and tan won’t be available until late December). Don’t make MyBuckleMate just a holiday road trip investment either; make it a lifelong commitment to keeping your family safe.

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