Boat History Report: helping owners stay afloat


We have just entered an era when potential boat owners have the advantage more than ever before. With the recent partnership between Boat History Report and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), buyers and sellers are able to obtain reports to ensure they are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information about a specific watercraft’s history.

This combined resource allows consumers to obtain information and reports regarding accidents (collision, fire and groundings), water damage, stolen vehicles and much more. Having the NICB as a partner solidifies Boat History Report as the leading provider of watercraft history reports.

Did you know that (according to over 65,000 recreational boats were damaged or lost as a result of Hurricane Sandy? Or, that the majority of boats reported as stolen have not been recovered? These disturbing and saddening facts could easily be ignored or never brought to life. As a result, new owners may be unaware about the potential problems associated with their new purchase. There’s nothing more frustrating than being blindsided by seemingly never-ending problems that waste money and cause stress. Who can afford that?

Having this reference provides priceless information for those in the used boat market. “Boat History Report has been an invaluable tool for us, and the entire boating industry, in ensuring that the pre-owned boats we buy or take in on trade have no hidden pasts,” says Jani Gyllenberg, marketing director of Marine Connection, South Florida’s leading boat dealer, which purchases numerous reports for their customers. “Further, it gives customers peace of mind when purchasing used boats from Marine Connection and helps us retain higher profit margins than our competitors who don’t utilize

“We’ve had outstanding sales in 2013, with even more successful so far for 2014. It’s been very hard to keep boats in stock.”

This partnership occurred just in time for Boat Show season. Recently, Boat History Report and NICB were in attendance at the Fort Lauderdale amongst over 100,000 spectators, spreading the word about

For more information about this partnership, visit To take a step in the right direction before you purchase your next watercraft; ask your dealer for the boat history report.

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