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Ilana's-blog-59Diaper bags are an essential part of any new family, but they are generally catered toward women rather than men – most bags have a feminine look and appeal to them. However, that didn’t keep one company from designing a bag geared toward dads.

Daddy & Co., a site featuring products for expecting dads, debuted the Daddy Diaper Pack, a diaper bag in the shape of a backpack, two years ago. However, its newest blue and gray camo design launched this year, Robert Nickell, the founder of Daddy & Co., said in an email. There’s no exact number of how many packs have been sold, but both the black and camo bags have been two of the company’s most popular items.

“Dads want to have a more active role in caring for kids, but they don’t want to carry around a feminine-looking diaper bag,” Nickell said.

The Daddy Diaper Pack Camo Edition can hold everything from keys and pacifiers in the front organizer pocket to diapers and toys in the two largest pockets. There’s even an insulated cooler pocket to keep all snacks fresh during the hot summer months! The custom-designed deep pockets hold a dad’s water bottle and his child’s sippy cup. And when dads run out of room inside the pack, they can hook wet towels and flip-flops to the outside skater straps.

“It was designed to help dads spend quality time with their kids in every aspect of their daily routines,” Nickell said. “Perfect for both errands and fun!”

The pack retails for $69.95 is only available online. Most orders ship in 24 hours.

As I’ve personally witnessed at the mall and even at Walt Disney World, dads are usually the ones who get stuck carrying the diaper bag. So with that being said, why not have a diaper bag that’s not only durable, but also masculine? And let’s be real – the Daddy Diaper Pack Camo Edition is perfect for that Southern dad.

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