Be blinded by the light


Maybe it’s the year-end hustle and bustle that is driving everyone a little over the edge. It could quite possibly be the tax season as well. Whatever it is, I find that people are more prone to dish out their accusations now more than ever. If you surround yourself with others that don’t handle stress well (intentionally or not), it’s easy to get swept up in anxiety-stricken environments.

I was fortunate enough to find a healthy escape that I wanted to share. I have one of the most fast-paced, daily task oriented jobs in my department. We are expected to execute everything on time and accurate. Pairing that with dreary weather and that occasional “lonely” feeling doesn’t always help one’s self esteem, even for your strongest superwoman.

Here’s what I’ve learned after giving all of my dedication to someone or something else for these past years: be selfish.

And be healthy.

I started running because I met a friend who had this interest and it was something we could do together. It was a win-win situation because we could have our girl time, I could have my “me” time by losing myself in my music and I started accomplishing fitness goals.

And as you see in the commercials, one healthy activity leads to another. I started eating better by choice. I take vitamins and my stress tolerance and positive attitude have sky-rocketed. Amongst my shopping sprees and sushi nights, this has been one of the most rewarding stress-relief tactics yet.

So friends, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even for the cloudiest of skies.

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