April 22 is Earth Day


Global warming is a hot topic these days. Some naysayers are arguing that there’s no hard scientific evidence that greenhouse gases are affecting our climate, nor proof that human activity is changing the environment. However, Mother Nature’s recent angry acts have led many to believe something’s going on.

From the recent rash of tornado activity in the South and Midwest to 2012’s balmy winter weather in the Northeast; tsunamis overseas, droughts in Texas, and the most damaging floods to hit the US in a century, the Mississippi floods in April and May of 2011 – it’s hard to believe a change has not occurred.

One thing almost everyone can agree on is a day dedicated to celebrate and promote environmental awareness as well as learn new ways to take care of the place we all share.

Earth Day began in 1970 when a US senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, decided to harness the power of protests concerning Vietnam and civil rights into a movement to change public consciousness about air and water pollution.

There’s no doubt that environmental standards have changed in a major way since then. From more fuel-efficient cars, regulations of factories and discharge of pollutants, right down to the appliances in our homes that are significantly more energy efficient.

Lately a shift has occurred. The words “organic,” “sustainability” and “green” have seeped into our everyday language. People are learning about big farming’s dirty secretes, they’re moving away from processed foods, buying local produce, recycling and carrying reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones. These small but significant and conscious choices have become determined changes.

Earth Day is April 22. Whole Foods, a recognized leader in all that is green, is a good place to start your celebration. They have hosted many inspiring activities such as:

  • The Juno Beach Cleanup at Ocean Cay Park.
  • Earth Hour, celebrated throughout the store, recognizes the World Wildlife Fund, whose calling is to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment.
  • The Whole Planet Foundation Goodwill from the Grill, a benefit to eradicate poverty, on Saturdays in March.

For more information on Whole Food events, visit wholefoodsmarket.com. For more information on Earth Day, visit www.earthday.org.

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