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Not long after I visited my grandma on Mother’s Day, she was found unresponsive in her home. Fortunately, after some professional care and a great support system, she was able to return back to her house. Before this incident, my 92-year-old superwoman of a grandmother still cooked, cleaned and cared for herself. She was independent and extremely able to complete any of her daily tasks.

As devastating as the initial shock of this incident was, the after-care that my grandmother now needed presented itself as a challenge as well. Lives needed to be changed, schedules needed to be switched and everyone had to start helping out. Luckily, my mother and three of her siblings don’t live too far, where they can rotate schedules on being caregiver. Also luckily, most of my family is in the medical field, so they are used to this.

Yael Cohen, founder, president and CEO of the organization F*** Cancer, found herself in a similar situation when she served as caregiver to loved ones while they were battling cancer and receiving treatment. Embracing the online community and the power of social media in this generation, this philanthropic entrepreneur created an app that helps make caregiving situations a little easier, when the overall situation may be far from it.

StandWith is an app that every caregiver should download. Through these emotionally driven times, it makes it simple to tackle everyday responsibilities while keeping everyone coordinated and abreast of the situation.

The caregiver can post a task that they need help with and supporters (family, friends, coworkers, etc.) can be assigned to help fulfill this task. This way, everyone stays in the loop and the loved one gets the help that they need.

Other tasks that StandWith is ideal for: food delivery, transportation, home care, child care, laundry and dry cleaning. This app also captures social media at its finest, allowing the community to share patient progress through photos, texts or video. It also gives access to digitally fulfill patient needs like ordering groceries online if other options are not available.

Please spread the word about StandWith. This virtual community of organization and resources might be the one thing to give peace of mind to your family during these hectic times. Keep an eye out for the launch of this app in the fall.

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