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Recently, the cautionary messages regarding fraud protection have been popping up more frequently than Facebook notifications. This was the second time in the past few months that I had received a new debit card and new PIN in the mail because there had been fraudulent activity at either the credit union or the stores where I shopped. Luckily, there were no mysterious transactions and my life went along as normal. The only thing I lost was my patience and track of what pin number I was on.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky.

That specific situation is the reason Kai Stinchcombe founded True Link Financial. Kai’s grandmother was one of the millions of elderly victims to experience financial fraud and scams, and it nearly emptied her nest egg. After finding out how many millions of dollars Americans truly lose, he was inspired to create True Link.

“True Link is the only debit card that allows an account administrator to actively monitor and control the spending of the cardholder via specific spending limits and restrictions and real-time alerts. In addition, you can turn the card on and off for free, without having to cancel the account or order a new card,” says a True Link representative.

Unlike credit cards, with the True Link card you are not charged interest fees on purchases and none of the overdraft fees that can come with regular debit cards. And yes, it is accepted everywhere Visa is.

What is so unique about this product is that it’s not only a card, but a way to monitor spending that will help with personal finances, and more importantly protect you and your family from scams or habits that may be detrimental to your wealth and identity.

Don’t let your elderly loved ones fall victim to those “too good to be true” sweepstakes that lead to an enormous amount of fees and spam mail. Above setting limits, True Link allows you to block purchases from certain vendors altogether!

“Whatever meets the needs of your particular loved one’s situation, we can develop a monitor or control to provide peace of mind.” For more information about True Link Financial, visit www.truelinkcard.com.

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