A girl’s gotta have her booty sleep

Fat Girl Slim Sleep Scrub

It’s every woman’s nightmare. You’re gazing in the mirror as you try on a new summer bathing suit, only to spot those small dimples right around your thighs, which have somehow magnified to look like craters.

In this situation, I would immediately rip off that bikini and lock myself indoors. I could not, should not and will not go out in public looking like that.

In a reality where the terrifying “c” word exists but isn’t a deal-breaking phenomenon (men really don’t care, even though we do), there are indeed products that help diminish cellulite. Of those products, bliss® has developed a product that helps fight those unwanted, dare I say, “cottage cheese” legs?

Ladies, let me first say that this product is by no means a necessity. However, those who are wondering if it can make you feel more confident in a revealing bathing suit, my answer is – sort of. I was interested in a cream called Fatgirlslim. Its sister product Fatgirlsleep is “a potent nighttime version of Fatgirlslim cream with SlenderiZZZe complex™.” The cream is formulated to team up with the body’s restorative process during sleep and smooth out the unwelcome cellulite. Before trying this, remember: nothing will take away cellulite completely.

However, I eventually purchased a cellulite massager – a hand-held circular disk with nodules on the bottom that stimulate circulation – as well as the cream. It has a nice, light scent and an attractive color. The cream only needs to be applied for twenty to thirty seconds each night on your “trouble areas.” I do this before bed, and the lavender within the cream actually relaxes me for a great night’s sleep. After one week, there wasn’t a drastic improvement, but I have noticed a difference. That alone will keep me trying. Goodnight!

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