1,300 patients kiss and tell


Hollie's-blog-287A local Palm Beach Post report has plunged into the art of book-writing, and has done well. Anne Rodgers, originally from Texas and transplanted to Florida, has held an impressive 30-year career in writing, mainly focusing on stories for women over 45.

Her editorial expertise brought on a new chapter of her life when she paired up with Dr. Maureen Whelihan, a gynecologist. Together, those two conducted a six-question survey on sexual attitudes and behaviors of 1,300 patients. From there, women ages 15 to 97 were chosen to participate in an in-depth interview regarding their desires.

There were, of course, exceptions and interesting stories, but the consensus was the same: women like romance. This should not come as a surprise. However, it does when one considers the wide range of participants. What helps differ the survey from others are the specific questions asked. Rodgers and Whelihan focused on women’s desires and their comfort level as it has changed throughout the years. Interviewees ranged in age, marital status and even sexual orientation.

Alas, these compelling stories compelled the two to create Kiss and Tell, a novel that “shares trends and findings that emerged from the survey, as well as unforgettable interviews with women in each decade of a woman’s life, as they clarify how their desire has shifted throughout their lifetime, what has impacted their sex drive and how they perceive their overall sexuality.”

Hank Stuever, author of Tinsel: A Search for America’s Christmas Present, was especially in favor of this book, rating it five out of five stars on Goodreads.com and stating the following: “As a journalist and writer obsessed by everyday American lifestyles, I’ve always wanted to know more about the two biggies you’re never supposed to ask about: money and sex. By combining the powers of thoughtful, open-minded journalism and empathetic medical expertise, Anne Rodgers and Dr. Maureen Whelihan have accomplished what other clinicians and sex studies couldn’t do. They have uncorked fascinating anecdotes from the epic, lifelong story of female sexual experiences. ‘Kiss and Tell’ is a surprising, heartfelt and valuable book.”

Pick up your copy online or in stores everywhere!

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