Helping Hands: Five Local Medical Professionals Who Put Patients First

Your relationship with your doctor, dentist and other important medical professionals is one that can literally change your life.

A good relationship can provide you a trusted friend and a confidant who sees you through either the happiest or most difficult times in your lives. A poor one can provide just the opposite.

There is a plethora of medical professionals in and around Palm Beach Gardens.
Below youll find a few who want to have a positive impact on your life.

Dr. Gs Weight Loss & Wellness
901 W Indiantown Rd. Suite 12 (Jupiter) | (561) 427-2232 |

Dr. Gs Weight Loss & Wellness uses the latest technology to help patients not only control their weight, but also improve their health.

“It is something that they can achieve,” said Dr. Suheil Khuri, owner and medical director of the Dr. Gs in Jupiter.

Khuri said many patients think its easy or quick to lose weight, not realizing that it took time to put on the weight and itll take time to lose it.

Dr. Gs looks for patients who have failed previous diets. They use a combination of medication, a diet program, exercise and behavior change. Khuri tries to educate his patients and move their focus from simply food regulation to assessing their lifestyle, stress level and more.

“We try to make them realize this is a change of life and habit,” he said. “It will help them keep the weight off.”

Gardens Dental Spa
11380 Prosperity Farms Rd., Suite 108-109, Building B (PBG) | (561) 799-7791 |

Gardens Dental Spa opened 12 years ago in Palm Beach Gardens to bring a calm, relaxing experience of dentistry for area residents.

“Patients really enjoy our always friendly staff,” said Dr. Heather Kaufman. “Our patients become more like family for us.”

In addition to standard dental treatments like implants, crowns and bridges, Gardens Dental Spa provides complimentary spa services like paraffin hand treatments, warm neck rolls and aromatherapy. Soothing music plays in the background of dental procedures to keep patients relaxed.

“All to take away the clinical setting for patients,” Kaufman said.

Gardens Dental Spa offers smile makeovers, as well as Invisalign and same-day inlays, onlays and crowns with their new Planmeca scanner and milling machine.

“We have the best, most caring hygienists,” Kaufman said. “They are gentle yet thorough.”

IVF Florida Reproductive Associates
600 Heritage Drive, Suite 200 (Jupiter) | (561) 354-1525 |

The founders of IVF Florida came in on the frontier of IVF (in vitro fertilization) technology.

“Its been amazing,” said Dr. David Hoffman, infertility specialist and certified reproductive endocrinologist at IVF Florida. “Theres so much that has happened over these years.”

IVF Florida handles infertility as well as reproductive endocrinology cases. The centers doctors and staff do everything they can to assist patients and make them feel comfortable.

“We try to get the most information in the most cost-effective way to do it,” he added.
With six offices spread across South Florida from Port St. Lucie to Miami, IVF Florida is able to provide care for a number of patients.

IVF Florida also tries to be at the forefront of medical advancements; its one of only 12 centers in the country with an embryoscope. Hoffman explained that this device enables the staff to monitor embryos in a closed system and select the best one.

“Its a game changer,” he said.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Gorodetsky
433 E Ocean Blvd. (Stuart) | (772) 223-4504|

Along with gunfights and wagon trains, yesteryears classic Western movies will often elicit visions of a square-jawed character uttering, “Go into town and get Doc.” And though Dr. Jeffrey S. Gorodetsky doesnt need to slap trail dust from his bag when you meet, he is your traveling companion on your road to wellness, from birth to maturity.

“Working together with my patients, we focus on a healthy lifestyle and preventive medicine in an attempt to be proactive,” said Gorodetsky, who is board certified in family medicine and cares for generations of families in Martin County. “It is much easier for a patient to maintain wellness than to be reactive to the effects of disease later.”

Gorodetsky maintains a concierge practice and a traditional practice, offering same-day sick appointments for his patients minus the crowded waiting rooms. After all, when its “time to get Doc,” its comforting to know hes already there.

Rudnick Dentistry
4274 Northlake Blvd. (PBG) | (561) 625-1991 |
Rudnick Dentistrys technological edge allows staff to complete treatment faster and painlessly, according to founder Dr. Andrew Rudnick, DMD.

“We provide five-star service to our patients,” Rudnick said. “We are a state-of-the-art facility and we believe in staying above the cutting edge of all the latest dental techniques.”

Rudnicks staff is trained in all fields of dentistry, including the LVI core curriculum for neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry. They strive to give each patient a personal and comfortable dental experience, as well as provide high-quality dentistry in a gentle and efficient way.

The office offers all services including, but not limited to: veneers, Invisalign, crowns, extractions, bone grafts, implants, crown lengthening, TMJ treatment, Botox, Juvéderm and full-mouth reconstructions.

“Our motto is ‘Changing smiles, changing lives,” Rudnick said.

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