Estética Institute of the Palm Beaches: Improving Lives, One Procedure at a Time

When Pat Oppedisano reached her sixth decade of living, she felt it was finally time for her.

“When you get to my age and you’ve done everything in life – I raised three kids – why wouldn’t I want to do something for myself?” Oppedisano explained.

She decided to meet with Dr. Greg DeLange, a board-certified plastic surgeon at the Estética Institute in Palm Beach Gardens.

“I came here because I heard wonderful things about Dr. DeLange. I was 62 and wanted a fresh look,” she said.

She ended up getting a face and neck lift and said she was overjoyed with the results.

“It made me feel better … I was thrilled, my husband was thrilled, I just feel like when I go out and I’m dressed, it makes you feel good. It gives you a lift … lifts your spirits,” she said.

Later, when she thought about getting a Botox® medical treatment, Dr. DeLange advised against it.

“I love his honesty and his personality,” said Oppedisano. “He always makes you feel special.”

It’s that honest and special treatment of patients that have helped Dr. DeLange and Dr. Arturo Guiloff, also a board-certified plastic surgeon, build a thriving practice at the Estética Institute of the Palm Beaches, a nationally certified facility that undergoes an extensive certification process every other year.

Estética Institute provides different levels of professional care. In addition to the surgeries performed by Drs. DeLange and Guiloff, as well as minimally invasive procedures such as filler injections and Botox, the Medical Aesthetics Group offers a wide variety of advanced spa-like services and medical-level procedures. These include procedures such as laser hair removal, IPL skin rejuvenation, chemical skin peels, permanent makeup and microdermabrasion.

Dr. Guiloff acknowledged that there are other places locally offering similar services, but it’s their consistent results at a reasonable value that set the Estética Institute apart.

“Our basic concept is we are under one roof and we are two well-trained board-certified plastic surgeons,” he said. “In addition to our consistent results and value, we are constantly training, we have new technology, and we ensure our patients’ safety. We’re not jumping into anything. If I were the consumer, why go to someone who doesn’t understand the whole concept? The cost difference is minor and will cost more in the long run. Plus we have a beautiful facility.”

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